Thursday, September 18, 2008

They did WHAT to KITT?

From This:
To This:

As a child of the 80's, I was somewhat stoked when I heard that they were bringing Knight Rider back (again). It has been attempted before over the years, notably with the TV Movie "Knight Rider 2000" as well as the awful "Team Knight Rider" series. Now it's back, again.

More so, I was excited when I heard KITT was now going to be a Shelby GT500KR. As an avid Mustang fan and owner of a 2007 GT500, I found the prospect of seeing a car similar to mine on the TV doing all sorts of crazy stunts to be my own form of "Mustang Porn". Yes, I am a car nut.

The TV movie came and went, and it was actually quite entertaining. Action with a side of cheese, I found it to be fun and in line with the spirit of the original.

This week, NBC released the First Episode of the new Series online through outlets such as iTunes and Hulu. I gave it a view, and the feelings are mixed. The first 10 minutes is way too corny, at least compared to the movie they made as a precursor. KITT had a slightly over the top Pursuit Mode in this movie, as in the original. Now, he transforms into the abomination seen above, referred to as Turbo Boost Mode. Hmm. Did I mention it also transforms into a Ford F-150? The second half was better, and was slightly more believable. Stay tuned to see how this one fares both with the Critics and in the Ratings.


They went over the top in the Turbo Boost Mode and having KITT turn into a F-150 is just lame and farfetched.